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Welcome to My Referral Program

I believe that the best way to grow a business is through personal referrals. That's why I've created a program that benefits everyone involved!

How it works:

1.    Refer someone to

2.    They sign up with a discount

3.    You receive a commission

It's that simple!

Why refer someone?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help people overcome a wide range of challenges and achieve their goals. As a hypnotherapist, I offer personalized coaching packages that are tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

By participating in my referral program, you'll be helping someone receive the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy while also being rewarded for your efforts with a generous commission. Plus, as a one-person business, you'll be supporting a small business owner who's dedicated to helping people live their best lives.

How to get started:

1.    Click Here to fill out a referral program request form

2.    Have a call with me to discuss details and answer questions.

3.    Upon approval, you’ll receive a discount code in the form of your name. This will go into a database and every time a customer mentions that you referred them (and they sign up) a commission will go directly to the email address you provided.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to helping more people together!

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